Tsugaru Vidro

Four Seasonal Handmade Glass

What are colors representing Japanese lifestyles?
The colors like cherry blossoms in the spring,
festivals in the summer, leaves in the autumn, snow
scene in the winter are closely related to Japanese

Tsugaru Vidro is created from 1500 degrees of
furnace. One can feel the warmth of free-blowing
glass that is carefully shaped by glass artisans.

Distinctive Japanese four seasons are depicted on
handmade glass of Tsugaru Vidro with various colors.
We are hoping one would enjoy joyful meals and
relaxing time by using colorful
Tsugaru Vidro tableware.

Japanese Dentou Kougei

Tsugaru Vidro
Japanese handmade glass products

Tsugaru Vidro is produced in the region of Aomori,
on the northern tip of Japan's main island,
where nature is in abundance.
Our artisans are passionately dedicated to depicting
nature’s splendor in every aspect of their glasswork,
from shape and color, right down to the smallest details.

Something special for your daily use

Tsugaru Vidro is a traditional craft certified by Aomori
Prefecture. Inspired by Japan’s changing seasons, our pieces
are known for the friendly warmth they evoke. Our craftsmen
create chic vases, stunning ornaments, and gorgeous
dinnerware durable enough to use at every meal, with the hope
their work will add beauty to your daily life.

“The shapes and colors of Tsugaru Vidro”
handmade glass products are the result of
various production methods and techniques
that have been accumulated over the years
by our experienced artisans.”

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